New project wishing well foundation Thailand 

New project Wishing well foundation Thailand For Cancer children ( Fun Hats)  20 preschool  20 primary 20 teenage  Deadline : by 15 July Brief description of organisation: The Wishing Well Foundation, Thailand, is a charitable organization devoted to fulfiling wishes for children with cancer whose hope for cure are limited, as well as running activities…

Demo by members 

Demo by Deepa ​ Demo by Ing Ing  ​​ Demo by Jassandra  ​​ ​​

Monthly meet up : May

Always great to have this meet up with members There’s update on all the projects, pattern sharing & Chit chats  Thanks to all their supports that FHG is able to expand our areas of contribution 

Dino backpack

Did this for a toddler boy suffering from cancer  Hope he likes it 


Total collected up to date  are 413 pcs (Large size = 85, Medium size = 180 , Small size = 148) We are making very good progress 

Nepal children  homes

Received request  our homes we have 77 girls and 20 boys. For girls you can make 30primary and 50 teenage and for boys you can make 5primary and 15 teenage Got to start making 

Finally got the photos 

Gave this Hats to Laos Kids on my recent trip It’s been distributed to the kids & they need more  Now we are targeting 500 for them 


Woohoo more hats completed for preschool for KKH cancer children Thanks Danielle 

Bulk purchase of yarns 

As we are having many projects the team decide is cheaoercto but our own in bulk from Taobao  I need sponsor . Anyone? 

Lao kids

They have requested 500 hats for them to distribute to the kids in the mountains & rural area Target: end August to complete the hats Freight : send by September  Need sponsors for yarns & freightage