Hats distributed in Beijing 

Mary Goh , General Manager of Novotel Xinqiao Beijing has delivered the hats to Hong Yuan Qi Zhi orphanage 👏👏 The other portion for 四川省甘孜州德格县亚丁乡人民政府,其珠,15283613333,邮编62725 will be sent via courier 

Need more hats 

Chantha need more hats so she can send to these children in the villages  I need help to bring the hats  Anyone Travelling to Laos ?

Another distribution by chantha at Luang Prabang 

Thanks to Chantha for helping to distribute our hats to the villages in Luang Prabang  This time they had gone to Nongkham Primary school in Phonsay district. This school is far from Luangprabang which takes one hour by Tuk Tuk and 4 hours by Tractor. 👏👏👏😘😘😘 a big thanks to Chantha & her team 

Hand puppets

Our Creative members are all rushing this Xmas gifts for the cancer children at KKH & NUH Hand puppets for the kids & family  Very therapeutic while they are undergoing the treatment & journey  Thanks to all for helping on this project we need more …….

Hats have arrived at Novotel Xinqiao Beijing 

Hotel has received the hats & sorting out by staff before distributing to the orphanage Below Feedbacks from Ms Mary Goh, General manager of the hotel  Amy – these models are my staff and they are recounting the numbers to divide them into two for despatch to the two orphanage  They say the hats are…

Madhatters Night official receipt 

Madhatters Night Finally received the official receipt from Club Rainbow for our donations This amount is the cash transfer I have made to Club Rainbow  We have another donor given $1000 cheque & direct receipt issued to him Eastern Carpets $5540 cheque direct to club rainbow  Grand total fund raised $17,767.02 Eastern carpet by cheque :…

Collaboration with Novotel Xinqiao Beijing 

Very happy to be able to work together with Ms Mary Goh, General Manager of Novotel Xinqiao Beijing for good cause  Her hotel has managed to contact 2 orphanages & arranged with her contact, William ,  to help to bring the hats over tomorrow morning Thanks to SQ Beijing for assisting with the excess luggage …

Infant hats 

This are ore order for infant  Spider-Man & Burgundy beret