Minions sling bags 

Minions all done for children’s day gifts for the kids at nuh & Kkh Sending by courier tomorrow

Posted to Laos 

Posted today so happy to find this location post office opened on Sunday till 8pm Got my hubby to help to carry the 📦 


Few months ago my friend Lynn Chan has helped to bring the hats to my Friend mr Hùng in Danang  This is a poor school in Quang Nam mountaint 150km from Danang Mr Hùng & his friends will collect many donated things such as books, clothes, foods …etc from donators it takes us almost 3…

Children’s Day gift for Kkh & nuh 

Look at all this cute minion sling bags  Total 52, 8 more to go  30 each for NUH & KKH children’s Cancer foundation  A Big Thanks to all volunteers who has contributed  Imagine the big smile on the kids’ face  😘😘❣️❣️😘😘😘

Shree Souvenir Boarding School, Nepal 

The students generally are very shy, but very chatty amongst their peers. The have stay silent before saying prayers, and only after prayers; they are allowed to eat. There are total 500 students in the boarding school. Thanks to Nicole Wai for initiating this Project & sponsored all the yarns  Thanks to all volunteers for…