Hats for Danang

250 hats sent to Danang, Vietnam today for the villagers Big thanks to Nicole for helping with the logistics & all volunteers & donors for their contributions

Bags for Nuh / Kkh

Bags done by the group of volunteers for children’s day gift for Nuh & KKH cancer children Thanks ladies

Hats & Scarfs For Vietnam

Contributions made by our members for ACTS visit to Vietnam in June Big thanks to Nicole for taking care of this project & all members for your contributions

Balance hats Danang

Dear, Ms.Amy , yesterday my friends already gave your hats to children in A Luoi ethnic minorities in Hue province 150km from Danang city.Sorrry for late giving them because we must collect clothes, foods, books from donators and arrange time with them in Village This is priceless precents from you, It is highly apppreciated it…

Luang Prabang , Laos

Finally the 2 boxes of hats posted since September reached Chantha & they start their distribution just in time for winter to 2 villages Beautiful photos of the kids . Love their smiles Thanks to all sponsors & volunteers

Karma Samtemling monastery Nepal

We hats have arrived & distributed to the nuns & monks in the monastery Perfect timing for the winter Thanks to all sponsors & volunteers

Xmas Bintan orphanage

My Friend Eric has brought all the pencil cases contributed by our volunteers to Bintan on 15Dec

Xmas gifts for nuh & KKH

55 pieces combination of snowman, gingerbread & snowman heads all received by KKH & NUH This will bring the Xmas joy to the cancer children Big thanks to all volunteers for your contribution

Bintan orphanage 

Our members are working  to complete 60 pencil cases for an orphanage in Bintan Xmas party  Thanks to all for helping 


Namaste! Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal.  Our 2 parcels has finally arrived and beanies had been distributed to the children, monks and nuns.  These beanies arrived just in time as winter is approaching and they have started to feel the chill.  The monastery would like to thank everyone who has contributed in all ways to make…

Bhutan cancer society 

S’pore cancer society Bhutan Mission group has brought our hats to Bhutan cancer society for their cancer survivors  Total 300+ Hats will bring warmth to the survivors with Love from our members & SCS  A big thanks to all members for helping this project & SCS for this opportunity 

Name change

Fun hats group is now rename as knots with love fhg