Daffodil For Hope 

Daffodil For Hope Fund raising by Fun Hats Group & S’pore Cancer Society
Duration: 1dec 2017-28feb 2018

Donate via Giveasia ( in the midst of setting up)

$18: complimentary daffodils pin/ brooch

$28: complimentary kids sun hat with Daffodil flower

$38: complimentary men sunhat with small daffodils flower

$48: complimentary ladies sun hat with Daffodil flower 

(Hats will be done in 6 Colours as each represent specific type of cancer)
Donor can choose to claim the above items on making donation or donate the hats to SCS for their beneficiaries 
Daffodils are the first flowers of spring and symbolizes hope and rebirth for cancer patients. 
Join us to extend Hope to all cancer patients