FAQs on FHG 


(1) how was FHG started2 years ago I started to make fun hats for my grandson. An idea came to me that perhaps this Hats will bring joy for the cancer children
I wrote to the Hospitals & NUH is the first to try out. The kids love them then followed by SGH
As request got bigger I couldn’t cope on my own & posted in a crochet FB group to ask for volunteers. 
At the request by some volunteers , formed this FHG group 
It was a rocky start as we have no basics to fall on but thankfully to some volunteers for their support we managed to move on till now our 1st anniversary 
(2) why overseas projects 

On my recent trip to Luang Prabang decided to combine with visit to the rural orphanage & pass some of our hats. I started to Google & got in touch with Chantha who is helping Laos Kids. The rural mountainous area tend to be colder then the city & the hats will keep them warm plus bring a big smile that there’s care for them. Recently we have sent total 1000 hats to Chantha 

Our next project is to Bhutan & Myanmar & Nepal. We want to focus on the Asian region to reach out to the needy kids

(3) Is our efforts for overseas overlapping other group’s efforts ?

I always think each group are doing their own good cause & can never cover all the needy children in the Asian countries
Each group will direct efforts towards the different orphanages & the more groups the bigger the coverage 
I always share about other group in FHG so members can also contribute their efforts in other group 
(4) where we get our funds?

I am very blessed to have friends that voluntarily donated funds for our first purchase of yarns & the next few rounds 
So far our funds are relying on donations from sponsors 
Probably it’s a good time for us to start our own fund raising through sales of our members handicrafts & crocheting accessories 
(5) Own time own target

I’ve always stressed to members their efforts are based on their own time own target 
There should not be any stress as they should enjoying this giving process 
(6) type of yarns 

We used mainly acrylic or cotton yarns 4-8ply or max 12ply for overseas projects 
No wool as children might be allergy to wool
We used to purchase from spotlights, Taobao & Ezbuy 
(7) why focus on cancer ?

I have lost my dad & eldest Brother to cancer & also my friends who are suffering or recovered from cancer 
FHG focus on bringing that big smile on the cancer children & adult face. We are also focus on children’s palliative care which is why we have joined as a member of ICPCN( Int’l children’s palliative care network)
(8) why fund raising ?

Through our fund raising projects with s’pore cancer society & club rainbow , we have raised the awareness of cancer challenge & children’s palliative care. Also create awareness of the wonderful crochet/ knittrd hats by our members 
(9) How can you help ?

Donation to our funds 
Join our group we welcome beginner 
Be our ambassador : when you plan to go for in holiday or business trip to developing countries 
Let me know in advance so our group can prepare the hats & you can help to bring over to the orphanage or contact person 
(10) who are our members ?
Ladies with a golden heart to give & share 
Not being sexist we do welcome gentleman who can help too